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Keep your hands safe and clean with Disposable Nitrile Gloves from SupplyAID. Available in 3 different sizes for a secure, comfortable fit, these gloves are 100% latex-free and powder-free. Made of non-sterile nitrile, they provide the fit and feel of a latex glove without the worry of allergic reactions. SupplyAID gloves are chemical-resistant, have a 3 mil palm thickness, and are safe for daily wear (single use only). Ideal for home use, travel or trips to the supermarket and gym, the textured glove improves grip on even the smallest objects, and the ambidextrous, elastic design creates a custom fit, “like a glove”. For peace of mind in a hands-on world, choose SupplyAID: The right health + wellness essentials, right away.



  • AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: medium, large, extra-large
  • 100-PACK + SINGLE USE ONLY: disposable design
  • LATEX-FREE + POWDER-FREE: made of Vinyl + Nitrile Blend
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT: keep your hands safe and clean
  • 3 MIL PALM THICKNESS: textured fingertips for added dexterity


SupplyAID™ 3-Mil Palm Thickness Vinyl + Nitrile Blend Disposable Examination Gloves, Powder + Latex Free-100-Count/Box, Non-Sterile, Black
1397 2199