Spray away unwanted weeds + garden pests with the perfectly portable 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Multi-Purpose Chemical Sprayer from SUN JOE. Keep your yard neat and healthy in less time with the cordless convenience of iON+ — the eco-friendly lithium-ion battery system from SUN JOE. Powered by exclusive ECOSHARP® technology, 24V-GS-LTW’s included 1.3 Ah battery offers up to 10 hours of rechargeable runtime! The powerful 10-watt motor sprays up to 95 gallons of your chemical of choice per charge — that’s 20.3 ounces per minute — to quickly clear away pests, weeds, treat plant disease, or even apply liquid fertilizer — with no pumping required! The removable translucent tank holds up to 1 gallon of chemical solution and comes equipped with an onboard, 4 fl oz measuring cup to perfectly portion your mixture. The telescopic spray wand extends from 17.7 inches to 28.7 inches, to evenly distribute chemical spray over large areas, apply in tight spaces, or reach down low to tackle plant diseases or pests right at the roots. Customize your chemical application —use a concentrated spray for precise plant treatment, or cover large areas with a fine mist and just a twist of the adjustable brass nozzle! Plus, the sturdy carrying handle, lightweight design and cord-free convenience makes SUN JOE easy to tote around your yard + garden, or anywhere power is at a premium. And when the job is done, simply clean out the tank and spray gun for years of continuous use. So, fight back against pests and weeds and GET EQUIPPED® with the 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Multi-Purpose Chemical Sprayer from SUN JOE®.


Disinfect and sanitize for a pro-quality clean with power of NU-FOAMICIDE® All-Purpose 1 Gallon Cleaner Concentrate. The EPA-approved, fast-acting, foaming formula instantly kills bacteria, viruses and germs on contact! Designed for use in commercial and industrial spaces — like restaurants, bars, gyms, daycare centers, schools and more — NU-FOAMICIDE provides a reliable clean you can trust! Add 4 fl oz of solution to 1 gallon of water for an everyday spruce up, or double the cleaning power and add 8 fl oz of solution to 1 gallon of water to sanitize and disinfect even the toughest messes.

Sun Joe SPRAY-BDL Chemical Sprayer Starter Kit | Includes 24-Volt Multi-Purpose Chemical Sprayer and 1 Gallon Cleaner Concentrate